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"Gibson made some hollow Les Paul guitars for me and Mary back in the 50's"- Les Paul - 2003

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"Music Machine Chambered Custom Quilt"

In 2003, Dave Carpenter contracted Gibson Custom Shop to build a run of Chambered Les Pauls for Music Machine. In 2004 this project grew to become the Chambered-Reissue series.

There were 10 Les Paul Standards and 24 Les Paul Customs produced in 2003.

The owner of these 2 beauties, Guy, says: "I thought you might like to see some pictures of the "sisters" - MMCCQ10 and MMCCQ7 - together. As the guitar box says, its the "Gibson Family of Brands"! Judging by the serial numbers, these two left the Gibson Custom shop 9 days apart - the 93rd day of '03 and the 102nd day. While they are very, very similar, they also each have their own personality tonewise as well as in appearance. 10 is very bright when played (vintage '68 LP Custom), and sizzles when over-driven. 7 has a more "chunky" tone, almost like a '59, and growls when overdriven. Both have the sustain, playability, and "vibe" that make the Chambered-Reissues so great! 10 weighs 7.42 lb, and while I don't know the exact weight of 7, she weighs right at 7.5 on my bathroom scale, so both are svelte as well as beautiful! Reminds me of the song, "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?"...."