Owned by Mike Vitello

Here's what Mike has to say:

"Late in the year in 2002 Dave Carpenter from Music Machine contacted me  and several other of his best customers to get feedback on a special run of 
68 LP Chambered Customs he wanted to do.  My biggest request was they  have slim taper necks.  All to many LP Customs you pickup have too big of 
necks and too heavy so the chambering solved the weight issue and the slim neck took care of the big neck issue. All 24 guitars were in a burst finish of 
some sort and only three in Brock Burst. The necks really didnt turn out to be slim tapers but more like a Music Machine players profile neck which is 
ike a LP standard, still very nice.  Some came with 68 reissue knobs and some for whatever reason came with hig hats.  Dave requested Gibson to make a few 
Black Beauties in ebony if there were any extra body blanks but no such luck.   Most weigh under 8 LBS and mine weighs 7.68 LBS.  These have a tone fat as a 
butchers dog.  The tone is incredible.   First came the chambered lp standards,  then the customs, and by that time after Gibson had it down came the infamous 
Chambered-Reissue's.  My hat goes off to Dave Carpenter for doing such a great run and  Mike McGuire at Gibson for making it all happen.  If you dont have one I urge 
you to find one, you will fall in love and she will never leave you."

212 west Kennewick Ave

Kennewick, WA 99336