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This site is dedicated to the Gibson ©  Chambered-Reissue Les Paul © Guitars with the "CR" serial numbers.

"Gibson made some hollow Les Paul guitars for me and Mary back in the 50's"- Les Paul - 2003

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This page is for listing Chambered-Reissue Les Pauls.

You may list to sell or to find that special one you are looking for.

At this time this is a free service.

This page is mainly open to Gibson Les Pauls with a "CR" serial number.

You must agree to the terms listed below to have your Les Paul listed.


To list a Chambered-Reissue for sale you must send a request to Be sure to include your email address for contact, your list price, your description, attach photos and clearly state that you agree with the terms of listing. Please limit your listings to one per email and less than 8 photos. Your description must be worded exactly the way you want it to read as it will be copied and pasted to the page.

To list a Chambered-Reissue you are looking you must send a request to including what you want and a contact email address that will be posted.

By submitting a request to sell you agree that you:

1. legally own the guitar you are selling,

2. you will provide a 48 hour approval period to the buyer

3. you will post your contact information


The seller and buyer are responsible for all other terms and conditions of the sale. The Chambered-Reissue registry is not responsible for errors in information or disputes between parties.



Asking Price


First year.

Low serial number.

Stored until now.



It comes with the Oct 2004 Guitar Player Mag that has it pictured and the review of the Cloud 9 Series. Also has a full page ad for the Cloud Nine Series


WANTED Contact
2007 CR7 Goldtop serial number between 01 and 07


Can't find one that you want? Have your Gibson Custom Dealer order one for you!


"I'd rather listen to John Lee Hooker play one note rather than those tasmanian devils play a gazillion ones in the key of 'stupid'..."Carlos Santana