The second 52 Chambered-Reissue.

10 years after the first CR2

Check out the special order.

Gibson and Dave's Guitar Shop made a special exception to the normal Chambered-Reissue 52 goldtop and allowed me ( to order this beautiful guitar. This is a fantastic one-piece flame top amd a very special color. In some photos it looks like a darkburst but it is actually bronze. This is a Goldtop that has the area near the pickups with the same color as a 59 burst. Then it fades into a goldtop and progresses to edge into a deep bronze. Gibson spent considerable hours getting the neck angle and tail set just right for this guitar along with an awesome burst. The back was the lightest weight blank in the building. It is an awesome color. The fretboard is the best I have ever owned, in my opinion. Many complain that a '52 is an un-playable guitar. This one will prove them wrong. It is one fo the best, if not the best, electric I have owned or played.

Thank you Dave & Gibson!!!

A special "thanks" to Rick and Phillip