Owned by Andy in Germany

I turned from the Strat to the Les Paul just half a year ago and bought a `58 VOS Plain Top 
in Ice Tea in first place. It was a real good but allmost too powerful guitar. Then I bought 
a ´57 VOS Gold Top which is quite better and much more versatile for the music I play. In fact 
with the Les Paul I´m not very experienced yet but  experience is maybe not that important. 
Just by playing and listening I got a flash and recognized that the Cloud9 is a class and world 
of its own. Hard for me to describe in english. The respond of the guitar is just unbelievable.  
What ever you "put in" will just come out. This wonderful instrument is quite a challange.
The weight of my cloud9  which is precise 3.239 kg. That corresponds 7.14 lbs.  



Purchased at Guitarpoint, Maintal, Germany