This awesome 59 is owned by Mike in MI.

6.6 pounds.... the lightest weight Chambered-Reissue we know of.

Mike sents this note:

"Here are the photos of my new 59 Chambered-Reissue.  It is finished and a beautiful Washed Cherry.  As far as I know it is the lightest Chambered-Reissue ever made as verified by the Chambered-Reissue admin Dan.  In addition it is the first 59 Chambered-Reissue made in 2006.  This is my third Cloud and while all of them are really very awesome this one excells in all areas.  It has the best tone of any guitar I ever put hands on in over 20 years of collecting and the tone is clear with no muddy notes in the neck postion as some LP's tend to have.  I find it so funny how so many players still dont want anything to do with a chambered reissue guitar but mean while have only hurt themselves in not having the best LP Gibson ever made since the originals.  Little do they know it is speculated that Mary Ford played an LP with her stint with Les Paul and it is believed to be a chambered LP.  I would think another run of these would be long over due but ya never know.  Until then I will keep trying to order more directly from Gibson though my dealer and buy everyone I can get my hands on.  These will be the highest priced and desireable LP's in the near future".   



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