Owned by Joe in AZ

"I’m so blown away with the Chambered Reissues"


Prev. owned by Brad in MO

I bought this from Hugh in Toronto. 
Everything the previous owners have said about it is true! 

Prev. owned by Hugh in Ontario, Canada Hugh says: "Plays "Cadillac" smooth and the tone has that sustain and "bigness" of a Les Paul, but with the volume & compressed, woody "sting" of an ES-335. PERFECT!"

Prev. owned by Laz in NJ.

Laz says; "I never thought I would find a guitar that would knock my Robben Ford Baker off its top slot as my number one go to guitar. The Chambered-Reissue has. Original owner:CR94057 in Teaburst was owned by Stephen Rudnick from Fort Myers, Florida. Here is what Steven says: It is the finest playing and sounding Les Paul of the 25 Custom Shop LP's I have ever owned!




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Kennewick, WA 99336