Chambered Burst owned by Mike in Michigan.

If the saying "you can't get too much of a good thing" holds true than the Gibson Chambered-Reissue would certainly be at the top of the list. I own three of these tone monsters now and I love and cheerish each one of them for their individual voice and charm. They are each a little different in their own way and unless you really experience a Chambered-Reissue for yourself you wont know what your missing. When Dave Carpenter called me for my input for the Music Machine chambered Customs I had no idea it would turn in to the Chambered-Reissue series. I really feel that this relatively small run of guitars will change how the Les Paul guitar is viewed forever. I mean for years guys have always wanted a lighter Les Paul but did'nt want to sacrifice any tone and finally our wish has come true. All the tone of a regular Les Paul plus the sweet spot with all the mids and easy on the back. After two back surgeries weight is always a big concern with a guitar for me and with a Chambered-Reissue I get all the tone of a full solid body in a light weight package and no sarcrifice in tone. Its amazing how loud and resonate these guitars are unplugged. My hat goes off to Dave Carpenter for bringing out the best in the atrisans at Gibson. my fourth Chambered-Reissue is on order!!! -Mike