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Today I received my 59 Chambered-Reissue from Wildwood.  The color is Chambered Burst with the 30/60 neck.  The 30/60 neck was the best thing added to these in my opinion as everyone wants a 59 but not the 59 neck.  Back in late 2002 Dave Carpenter phoned me as well as some other customer of his with the vision of a chambered reissue type guitar.  I thought this was a great idea since I have already had two back surgeries for herniated discs.  Dave asked me for my input as to what I would want in this type of guitar as the trial run of LP Standards were just about to be released.  I told Dave the two most important things to me were that the guitars had to have all the tone of a solid 59 and please dont forget us slim taper neck guys.  I always told Dave prior to that I would love to have a 59 but I didnt want the Louisville neck that comes with it or the weight. Dave came up with the idea of a 30/60 neck meaning the neck would be .30 thousands of an inch larger than a 60's neck.  Dave Carpenter (Music machine), Dave Rogers (Daves Guitar Shop), and Steve Mesple' (Wildwood Guitars) then flew to Gibson and really pushed for Historic grade woods for this project but Gibson would never do this prior.  After their meeting with Gibson and they agreed to use Historic spec woods the orders were placed.  Now there are the puriest type collectors that from day 1 have never wanted anything to do with a Chambered-Reissue and I respect you guys as you have a right to your opinion.  I am also here to tell ya guys you really missed the boat on these guitars.  I know its hard to think outside the box but these guitars have way more tone than any solid 59 I played, nice warm lows and beautiful mids.  It just sings!  The unplugged tone is louder than any guitar I have ever heard and I feel the Chambered-Reissue is the greatest single advancement since Gibson introduced the Historic 59 from the Custom Shop.  Remember boys these guitars were never meant to be chambered Historic like some think.  If you are lucky enough to own one then you know what Im talking about and if you didnt buy one you really missed it.  I have already located another 59 with the 30/60 neck and bought it!  I commend the three super dealers for what was a great project and will change the history of the Les Paul in the price guides for generations to come.
Mike Vitello        


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