Owned by Paul in theUK

Iced Teaburst
"I had been searching for the "right" Les Paul for a year or so without much when I found this site describing 
a rare, chambered historic Les Paul. From the descriptions on here and other sources it sounded like one of 
these would be exactly what I was looking for.      Unfortunately being in the UK these guitars are quite rare. 
I recall only seeing three for sale in the UK over the time I was looking. Of these one was a scammer and the 
other two were on ebay auctions.      Two years of searching led to me finding one for sale on a music forum. 
Having contacted the seller I received some photos and that was that. I sent the money and a couple of days 
later the guitar arrived.      Having never bought a guitar without trying it I was nervous, and having never 
tried a chambered reissue before I wasn't quite sure what to expect.      I shouldn't have worried. It is the best 
guitar I have ever played. Over a year on and I still can't think of a single reason that would make me change 
to another Les Paul. My CR8 can do it all.      The guy I bought it off missed it so much he ended up buying 
another one. His is also listed on this site so hello Hugh if you're reading."     Paul