This beauty is now with James In New York.

James says: " Unreal playability and tone monster, just alive with resonance and depth in every note. Very reponsive to small adjustments of volume/tone settings and pick attack. It is my number one, sent to the saltmines of live gigs for genuine relicing. "


CR84008 was with Duke in AZ.

Duke says: "I've had many chambered guitars,and still do,Fender RF, Baker's,etc. This one is tops. I just love the sweet tone and it's a LP!"


CR84008 has found a new home with Jamie M. in Toronto. Jamie purchased it form Long & McQuade and syas: "I have to say it is unreal."

Prev. owned by Stephen S. of Toronto Canada

Stephen says: " feather weight, but not light in the tone department, extremely alive, expressive sounding les paul......warm and sparkly all @ the same amazing guitar....."


Originally sold by:

212 west Kennewick Ave

Kennewick, WA 99336