Owned by William in Louisville, KY

"Tons of Mojo baby,, YEA!!!

Really nice guitar one of my favs in collcection."


Prev. owned by Frank in Colorado.

Frank says: "At 7.99 lbs, this is a very sweet '57 3-pup Les Paul Chambered-Reissue in VOS finish. After years of feeling that Les Pauls were one trick ponies when it came to tone, I've fallen in love with them again.  The woody, virtually hollow body tone of the front pup combined with the creamy lead pup makes this a versatile, dynamic guitar.  And then to have that wonderfully unique middle position... what can I say?!?  Steve and Bruce, you guys are the best - thanks for being my friend as well as a world-class music store in whom I can trust!"


804 Main Street 

Louisville, CO 80027


303-665-7744 (fax)