One Piece Top

Custom Ordered

Owned by Harald in Austria

Another refin and IT LOOKS AMAZING to my opinion ;-)
It even shows some nice flames.

Kind of a GRETSCHy orange colour


Because the gold pretty much rubs off while playing (the colour was only painted and not fixed with a clear coat) I decided to let do a refin.

Excellent results!!!

The top has been refinished by an artist to a very vintage look.

"The colour of the top refinished by an artist.
It's now a goldtop witch is very unique and little bit "strange".
BUT this guitar is amazing!
The sound (also when it's unplugged), the feel (the laquer, the shape), the colour of the back (and the top...)."


Prev. owned by Michael in Germany

Light Aging of the Top and gave it a mat finish
Aged Amber 59 "Patent Applied For" Humbucker
Aged DMC Stoptail, TRC & Rolled Pickguard
Aged reddish Boutique Knobs
3.18 kg / 7.01 lbs 



Prev. owned by Kev in England .

Ordered by Dan in MO .

This is a very special custom ordered 57 Chambered-Reissue.

It has a rare one-piece top in natural finish and a medium dark back (walnut colored)

Made to resemble all the 57 Gold tops out there that had the top stripped and a clear coat applied.

It is getting pretty hard to find a nice piece of maple wide enough to do a one piece top.

The idea behind the one piece top is that the Chambered-Reissue is hollow like an acoustic and gets it's tone properties from the chamber and the vibration of the top. The other Chambered-Reissue's have a 2 piece top where the wood is glued in a center seam. Without the seam, there is natural wood fibers that run from edge to edge unbroken by a glue seam. This tends to make the top more similar to an acoustic than the other Chambered-Reissue's. The acoustic sound from this Chambered-Reissue is very loud but retains all the qualities of the other Chambered-Reissue's.

Thank you to everyone at Wildwood and Rick, Phillip, Edwin, Steve, and all the others at the Gibson Custom Shop for extra effort in this fine instrument.


Everyone that has played it says the same first word...."WOW!"


This CR7 was originally ordered with a one piece top in natural, a medium walnut colored dark back, and 57 Classic pickups to make a very unique tone. I requested the Custom Shop decal on it when it was built to identify it from other CR guitars because it was so special to me. A perfect weight of 7.02lbs. It has had the top refinished in a great cherry burst.

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