Owned by Philipp in Germany


3.35 Kg

The ultimate rockmachine!

Very lightweight but has a wonderfull punchy sound, much more than my R0 but not that warm. Needed to turn back the trebble a little bit on amp side and the guitar needed a day playing and some setup to start scream and sing but now you can realy feel every single note you play. It's a dream how the CR7 virbates in your hand (Neck and Body) and beside that it gives you sustain without end. I play a lot of Metal and this guitar sounds so great and cuts through perfect. The lowend combinded with the brightness rules! For classic or hardrock the same and also the clean sounds are wonderfull. Overall it was luck to get such a great guitar and its worth the extra money I had to pay compared to a standard R7.


71006 71006


Purchased from Max Guitar