The FIRST ever 1960 Chambered-Reissue .

The beautiful burst is owned by Mike in MI.

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Here is what Mike has to say:

Well today the little brown truck brought my new Chambered-Reissue .  This is my fourth Chambered-Reissue and with one still on order and all I can say is WOW.  I dont know where to start.  When I unpacked the box I was blown away at the top and color.  She weighs only 7.25 pounds but is huge on tone.  This one is the first Chambered-Reissue 1960 model Gibson ever made in their company history according to Steve Mesple at Wildwood where I bought it from as there were no 60 chambered-reissues were made in the first run back in 04 or at any time.   As you can imagine the serial number is 0 6001.  This one tends to be a little hotter in tone than the others and seems like it has just a touch more punch to it.  While all othe ones I own are great this would be the one I would use for the harder stuff.  These guitars just never ceast to amaze me and the guys at Gibson have outdone themselves here once again.  I just am in love with the VOS finish which is something I didnt think I would like but all my guitars from now on will be ordered in this finish.  In person the guitar looks just like a real 60 LP and not a reissue.  The top has tons of 3D flame that comes and goes depending on how you hold it and the new plecked board feels great too.  Once again I want to thank Dave Carpenter for getting Gibson to make these and Steve Mesple for making the run possible with his order and being a dealer partner and showing that we can all get along.  I like to thank all the guys and gals at Gibby for doing an outstanding job on these guitars and putting their heart and sole into what they do best.   As for the guys who still say NO WAY thats OK because they dont know what they are missing. I just wish they would at least try one of these before they knock them.  As I have said before these will be the highly sought after guitars in the near future and these are the best guitars to ever come out of Gibson since the opening of the Custom Shop.


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